Memory is a scared value

Memory   is  a  scared  value

During  1979-1989 years  thousands  of  our  compatriots  were  sent  to  the  Afghanistan  homeland  for  military  service  and  labour.  February  15  is  the  31stanniversary  of  the  end  of  the  war on  the  liberation  of  the  Afghan  people  from  war,  the  fight  against  religious  extremism  and  terrorism.

It  is  difficult  to  describe  the  flames  of  war,  the  heavy  downpours  of  bullets,  the  brutal  killing  of  people,  the  premature  death  of  young  boys  and  girls.  1956 young  men  from  our  region  took  part  in  these  battles.  35 of  them died  on  the  battlefield.  247 returned  with  disabilities.

A   commemorative  event on the occasion of this date was held in the area of “Memory” in the center  of our region. The event was attended by Governor of the region Ergash  Saliev and he made  a speech. Veterans, members of the general  public  and  guests  laid flowers at the  foot of Mourning Mother.

Then  a  conversation was held over  a cup of tea at the Asr wedding  complex.

Speakers  spoke about the work  done during the past period on the social and legal protection  of family  members of  war veterans, disabled  veterans,  war  veterans  and  their  recovery.  In  particular, many  of  our  compatriots received  referrals  for  treatment  and  rehabilitions for  sanatariums,as  well as  assistance to the family members  for  victims.

“  Such  attention    was  paid  to  the  former  international  fightersof  our  country. “ In response,  we  are  readyto  serve  our  Motherland and  do  even  moreto  educateour   young  people  in  the  spiritpatriotism “ says  Israel  Kuchkarov  chairman  of  the   Department  of  War  Veterans  and  disabled  in  Jizzakh.  “ I  am  thankful  that  today,  like all  of  us   we  live  in  these   turbulent  times.

At   the  event  of  the  event,  local  musicians  sang  songs  praising  Motherland   and  peace.  The  war  veterans  werepresented  with  souvenirs.


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