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Camp of Bakhmal

Bahmal camp is located on the slopes of the Turkiston mountain range, which is located in Bakhmal district of Djizak region.

This camp is one of the most beautiful and charming resorts in our country. Patients with upper respiratory tract, host disease, and those who wish to receive prophylactic treatment can receive treatment treatments in their favorable conditions. Bakhmal camp with its healing air (etiologies of tuberculosis) Bronchial asthma and various allergic diseases, such as fitness beds, physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics, salt chambers, paraffinic ozocerite and breathtaking walking, are performed by experienced doctors and qualified professionals. It is also widely used for massage anddiet treatment at the Baxmal camp.

There is a high service charge. Recreational amenities include a library, a bar, a children’s playground, a playground and a children’s playground. Along with citizens living in the territory of our camp, foreigners are also involved in recreation and rehabilitation.

Effective work is being carried out on the development of eco-tourism and the introduction of better quality of health services in the recovery of human health in our Republic. In our society the most important factor is the benefit of the human being. We would like to invite all people to the Bakhmal Camp for your health.

Address: Bakhmal village, Bakhmal district, Djizak region, Kokjar village

Tel: 8(372)223-90-72, 223-89-08