Пятница, Октябрь 18

«Apples ripen the fragrant in Bahmal»

Many, probably, remember the old Uzbek song beginning words «In Namangan apples ripen fragrant …». However today it would be desirable to tell about very tasty and fragrant apples which are grown up in mountain Bahmal area of the Dzhizak area, the glory about which has flown for a long time not only our republic, but also everything, without exaggeration, the world. The proof to that is that important factor that Bahmal apples are exported today to many foreign states, in particular, to the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

About ancient history of this divine fruit one of local old residents Yusufhoji –bobo Jabborov, the inhabitant of settlement Mullabulok of a descent of citizensmahalla «Nushkent» which was exchanged for a long time already by ninth ten has told. According to the aksakal, on the fertile earth Bahmal local gardeners grow up such grades of apples, as «kremson», «voyensep», «Semerenko», «Golden delicious», «Samarkand spring» and many other things.

By the way, it is necessary to tell that the grade of apples «voyensep» has been delivered to Bahmal  from Germany and it is zoned in 1963, and «golden delicious» — from there, in 1981. However and tasty it is considered the most fragrant «kremson» which native land is America where has been got in 1974. To zone the given grade Bahmal to gardeners it was required seven years then its mass planting has begun. Early grades of apples «kremson» ripen in the middle of August, and late — practically till the end of November. It is remarkable, that «kremson» — rather fruitful: each tree gives on the average from 250 to 400 kgs of juicy fruits, and the glory about it has stepped for a long time over borders of our area and republic

According to skilled Bahmal gardeners most convenient and approaching, as with climatic, and the soil point of view, a place for cultivation of «kremson» — territories of mountain settlements Bahmal and Muzbulak. To named composed, by the way, it is necessary to carry and crystal-clear water of mountain sources, and also fresh breeze constantly blowing there, that on color, taste and unsurpassed aroma of fruits positively influences.

Last years the President of Republic Uzbekistan ShavkatMirziyoyev has published a number of decrees and the decisions directed on accelerated development of agro industrial sphere, in particular, of gardening and wine growing, all-round support of rural businessmen. About it do not get tired with huge satisfaction to repeat heads of societies with limited liability «Kozimbek» and «Madinabonu-Ahmadjon», that are located in territory of a rural descent of citizens «Bahmal» and native brothers Sunnatulla and KholikulErgashevs are engaged in cultivation of elite grades of apples, accordingly.

For example, the amicable labor collective of Open Company «Kozimbek» from 60 hectares apple gardens annually collects on the average from 500 to 600 tons of production. Workers of a society with limited liability «Madinabonu-Ahmadjon» achieve considerable indicators. Judge: having gardens on the area of 77 hectares, they receive to 1500 tons of apples which are delivered not only in other regions of our country, but also are exported to the foreign states in which use of a great demand.