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Holy place of Usmat Ota

Most of the saints and dignitaries in Uzbekistan are famous for the famous people of the Islamic world, prophets, saints, pirs, caliphs and sheikhs. There are natural and historical foundations of this kind.

At the center of Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region, there is a solemn «Usmat-ota» — «Usmot Ata» visitor at Kurtongepa. It is like a legend that is similar to that of Shahi Zinda in Samarkand. This man escaped from the disbelievers and sheltered under the mulberry and was in safety. Later, he lived in these neighborhoods and built these lands …

For a long time, the faithful people set up a symbolic tomb for Usmat-ota r and set up a small honakoh. (The name of the village of Usmat otat is thought to be linked to this historic site, but historically it is. appeared in the early years of history, and archaeological evidence confirms it.

Bakhmal writer Sayid Azim relies on the idea of scientist-scholar Olimjon Juraev and Jaloliddin Juraev, who connects Usmat ota’s grave with the name of Abul Fatk Muhammad ibn Abdulhamid Usmani as-Samarkandiy, a great scholar of the time. (It is known that Abul Fath Usmani was born in 1095 and died in 1158, at age 63. His work in Arabic, Sharh, al-Jomi’ al-Kabir, has been published in several volumes.)

In our opinion, we are talking about the end of the XIV century and Imam Usmani Turkistan, who lived in the first half of the 15th century. Here Turkestan pseudonym is not Turkestan, but Turkestan, meaning «Turkistan is stingy» on the mountains of Zomin and Bakhmal, which is called «Turkistan» — «Homeland of Turks».

Usmani, who achieved the status of the Holy man, was a mediator in Turkistan’s contemporary, Hazrati Bashir (originally known as Sultan Sayyid Ahmad). It is known that Hazrat Bashir, who was from Kitab, remained in Suzzar for some time with his dervish status.

In the book «Hazrat Bashir» was written that Hazrat Bashir and master Usmoniy Turkistaniy visited holy place of Khoja Ahmad Yassaviy in naked food. They faced with many difficulties on the road. When they reached Fior (name of village) they asked to warm in a house». The householder gave a little grease totheir feet and rubs them in the fire.»

«Hazrat Shaykh Buzruk» (Hazrati Bashir) said: «When I slept I saw a dream. In my dream, Sayid Ahmad Yassavi said: Oh my child, putting up with people’s suffer it means to take consent from Allah! I told my dream to master Usman, «There is a grave of Hazrat Sadri, he had sons, his pirs and companions. Let’s go


and tell the story. «We visited the tomb of Sadri grandfather … ..  master Usmani Turkistani  is  a  saintly man.  Sheikh Buzruk Hasrad  said, «Whenever anyone visits me, let him visit master Usmani Turkistani first of all.» (The History of Hazrat Al-Bashir, Sharafmum Foundation, Tashkent, 1994). Hazrat Bashir was born in 1379 AD and is known that Hazrat mater Usmoni Turkistoniy was elder than Sheikh Buzruk Hasrad.

Xonakoh was re-established in 2000 in the 72 days by Abdujabbor ugli Abdujalil and his sons and nephews, by the efforts of Musa Anarboev, who was the governor of the Bahmal district, and Alishoev Davir Islam from usmat.